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Argonaut Speculator Brandy

The Argonauts of the Gold Rush were Speculators, leaving home for the unlikely opportunity of striking it rich in the gold fields. The miners too were speculating when staking claims, betting that the gold in these plots was worth more than the purchase price. Argonaut Speculator pays homage to our former Master Distiller, who laid down quality stocks of Brandy for decades, without a specific program in mind. This blend is proof that he made a good bet.

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At 86 proof, Speculator offers bright green apple, ripe pear, apricot and stone fruit, honeysuckle and orange blossom, nutmeg and clove, chamomile, golden raisin, tropical notes of ripe banana and pineapple.

Argonaut Brandy Speculator

BLEND 1: 80% Chard/PG/Muscat/Semillon 20% Merlot

BLEND 2: 41% Colombard 31% Sultana 22% St. Emillion 6% Monbadon

BLEND 3: ​54% Colombard 28% Chenin Blanc 18% Monbadon

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